Quality Infrastructure Delivered

Quality infrastructure delivered safely, in less time at less cost with less carbon


In addition to our ISO9000 Quality system we implement a unique and fully integrated product file tracking system. This file follows every product from rebar cage assembly to dispatch to site. It contains information on who prepared the materials and tools, who checked each step of the process and has all information necessary to manufacture the element correctly. It also provides guidance on where to go to seek a design change or material alteration.

To ensure the best possible quality we have an appointed person responsible for Craftsmanship. His role is to preserve a traditional approach to quality addressing risks pertaining to the subtleties of fit, alignment squareness, finish and tool condition that may not be trapped in the formal quality system. It’s a subtle addition, and we’re proud of it.


A significant first hurdle in any project is cost. The projects highlighted on this website were identified by the stakeholders as being the best overall value for money solutions. Whereas we may not always be the lowest priced concrete element, our speed of construction, reduced preliminaries and whole life costing can demonstrate significant value when thoroughly analysed.

Carbon efficiency

Our standard mixes contain up to 66% GGBS bringing enormous carbon efficiency to our products. We are ISO:14064 certified and are currently embarking in both process efficiency and solution development projects to reduce our embodied carbon. This is an ongoing process.


Our construction approach minimises the number of personnel and activities required on site to complete an installation. We have developed method statements and risk assessments for every step in our process and are continually amending to reduce risk and add efficiency. For example, we design the tools and equipment necessary to manipulate the elements in transport and on site. A temporary works design is part of every project calculation pack ensuring that the construction risks are evaluated and controlled.

Construction Programme

Typically our installations require 30 to 70% of the time taken to construct conventional in-situ structures. This mobilises major savings on preliminaries and site costs where the real added value lies. It also delivers infrastructure faster and with less disruption to neighbours and plant operations.