Watertight Culverts

Watertight Culverts

Fully Sealed & Guaranteed Watertight to BS8007

The FLI Carlow design is a semi precast – semi in-situ modular system. Precast elements form the external walls, internal walls and roof, while in-situ floors and joints ensure that the system is a fully sealed and watertight unit when completed.

Our modular system can be designed for installation in deep burial areas, trafficked areas, high water tables and for most site conditions.

Our experienced team of Engineers can design any culvert to meet your specific site requirements. A variety of depths and shapes mean our system can also be installed in intricate shapes to suit the space available on site.

Features & Benefits

  • Modular System will Accommodate Various Widths & Lengths.
  • Speed of Completion – From Initial Inquiry, through to Design, Delivery & Installation.
  • Available with Low-Flow Channel Option.
  • Designed in Accordance with BS8110: Pt 1 The Structural Use of Concrete & BS8007.
  • Various Design Life Options.

If there’s an Optimum Solution in Concrete, collaboratively FLI Carlow can Develop and Deliver It.

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