Stormcast Attenuation Tanks

Stormcast Attenuation Tanks

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FLI Carlow’s Stormcast system is an award winning modular precast stormwater attenuation and flood alleviation solution which has become the most widely used in the UK and Ireland. With a proven and unrivalled track record of over 1900 installations, Stormcast is recognised throughout the industry as the precast tank of choice by Designers, Engineers, and Local Authorities alike.


  • The “original Carlow tank” and still the best!
  • Modular semi-precast system made to exacting off-site standards.
  • Maximum design flexibility to suit any size and configuration requirements. 100+ year design life.
  • Approved by all water authorities for straightforward adoption.
  • Loadable to suit all circumstances be it in POS or highly trafficked environments.
  • Minimal maintenance requirement. Cost-effective solution for even the most challenging sites.
  • Comprehensive design service catering for all engineered requirements.
  • Friendly and professional nationwide sales team to guide you through the process.