Spillways / Cascades

Spillways / Cascades

An overflow spillway is most often constructed as part of a gravity dam or a buttress dam. The spillway section is lower than the other sections of the dam allowing water to flow over its top and down its front face.

FLI Carlow  have developed a precast concrete panel system to standardise the construction of the spillway channels and to provide a cost effective solution. We can construct spillway panels with form liner finishes where it is necessary to blend the structure with the local landscape.

Our DfMA solution is the most effective spillway solution available. Selected for value, durability, carbon, safety, and speed of construction our extraordinary portfolio of projects is only possible because our clients identified us as the best value.

Why choose a FLI Carlow Spillway?

  • The design life of all elements of our solution can be 100+. That’s 100 years to first significant maintenance of your structure.
  • Widely selected by UK water companies.
  • The standard concrete mix used in our Spillways is highly resilient (meeting DC4 classification) however these can be adapted to meet the requirements of specific site.
  • Tried and tested systems.
  • The only self-healing precast joint.
  • Cloud based product tracking and quality system providing complete visibility.
  • Expert in modeling your Spillway to various water industry BIM requirements.

Designing to National & International Standards, and Client Specifications, we Integrate Your Experience into Our Solution.

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