Potable Service Reservoirs & Contact Tanks

Potable Service Reservoirs & Contact Tanks

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FLI Carlow provide a DFMA solution which is widely regarded as the go to system for the stroage of potable water. FLI Carlow have developed a precast concrete panel, column, beam and roofing system to rationalise the construction of a Tank and to provide a cost effective solution for your project. The design life of these structres can 100+ years. Our concrete is highly resilient to take account of specific water conditions and meets DC4 classification.


  • The design life of all elements of our solution can be 100+ years
  • Installation programme savings have been up to 60% when compared to traditional in-situ construction
  • An established design philosophy with numerous reference sites and satisfied customers
  • Adopted for use by all the major water authorities in the U.K