Panel Wall

Superior Build Quality · Cost Saving · Decorative Walling · Natural Stone Effect · Kind to the Environment · Increasing Property Value · Rapid Installation · Aiding Security · Increasing Installation Safety

The Housebuilder Product Awards 2015 finalists have been released and we are proud to announce that Carlow Precasts Panel Wall System is a finalist for the best external product category.

It’s the perfect decorative wall solution for any residential or commercial development, whether an entrance feature, a complete scheme boundary, large-scale roadside perimeter or sound attenuation project.

This rapid install precast walling systems double-sided natural stone look and texture is perfectly designed to blend in with typical UK housing landscapes.

Visually appealing
Keeping in mind that our walling system is designed to replace traditional wall construction we have made it stylish yet robust, hard wearing, with the look and texture of natural stone. It is designed to be flexible, adapting to the architectural needs of the project and is available in various height, layout, terrain and plan configurations.

The realistic masonry pattern is moulded from actual stone masonry construction using polyurethane rubber techniques replicating the exact texture and detail of the stone surface and grain of the mortar. It provides consistency and detail in large scale wall projects that no other product can match.

Many residential developments use a combination of solid panel with railing to provide a more open boundary. This option is particularly suitable for decorative landscaping applications.

The solid wall option is the ideal solution for secure boundary walls, offering visual and access protection yet providing a tasteful traditional wall effect on both sides that will last the life of the structure.

The deep surface texture has proven relatively unattractive to the graffiti artist, who much prefers a plain finish for their artwork.

The naturally articulating assembly easily accommodates thermal expansion and normal settlements resulting a completely crack free structure in service.

Accommodating gate and access openings is easy and the wall panel rebate is ideal for integrating a post for mounting wooden or steel gates.

he rapid installation process allows huge construction time benefits with substantial cost savings. An installation team of three personnel using a mini-digger can comfortably prepare the ground work for up to 100m of walling on day one of a project.

The footings are isolated at the pier positions and are transverse to the wall line providing greater stability than a conventional strip footing at less cost with less material to be removed from site. In very poor or reactive ground conditions the piers can be placed on small bored piles typically 1.2m deep and 600mm diameter for complete reliability.

The pier and panel units are inherently stable in the temporary condition. The day following placement of the pads the same installation crew can install up to 100m of pillars and panels in half a day! A small amount of concrete poured into the pier void engages the footing starter reinforcement ensuring long term resistance to impact or extreme wind loading.

On larger projects a second team can be used to increase productivity. Some roadside installations to date have exceeded 2 miles in length.

Carlow Precast offer a ‘supply and install’ or ‘supply only’ service. If a supply only service is requested we provide an installation guide and telephone customer support. The installation process is extremely simple and well within the capabilities of a variety or trades already on your site. Add value by increasing the revenue opportunities of your concrete workers, ground workers, carpenters and general operatives.