Engineering Design

At FLI Carlow, we’re proud of our heritage at the forefront of large offsite fabrication technology.  We undertake responsibility for the design and delivery of some of the largest semi-precast infrastructural projects in the UK and Ireland. 

Our design service can be tailored to include the overall structures or only the elements you require.  We support the site teams, the temporary works teams and the manufacturing teams using all modern design technologies to deliver competent innovative solutions on time, with less cost and less carbon.

In addition to concrete and steel structures, we design the mechanisms, hydraulics, electrics and electronics that go into our production tools.  We also design and manufacture product handling devices to be used on site.  For Client Engineers who enjoy engineering we offer unique opportunities to create, prototype, test, manufacture and deliver innovation.  Alternatively, using our enormous preserve of experience we can develop the optimum solution for your project, leaving you free to add value where you’re strongest.